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The PFA Power Zones are the next generation of automated supply and demand zones. Using advanced technology not only will you be able to locate order flow on a price chart, you can see the real time distribution of orders at defined price levels where the extreme buying and selling has taken place as well as the percentage of buying to selling. With just the click of the mouse you can display a graphical representation of all filled orders to enhance and refine your order flow location. All of this is fully automated so there is no drawing or additional work needed.

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PFA Zoning

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PFA Zoning MTF Predictive Analysis Trading Zones

Get the most technologically advanced Predictive Analysis Order Flow Zones Indicator plotting automatically on your charts using our strategy of supply and demand trading logic. Using our PFA Zoning MTF you can see supply and demand order flow from multiple time frames on any time frame you choose. View 60min zones on a 5min chart or 5min zones on a 60min chart with ease. With our unique algorithms you can locate true institutional levels with extreme accuracy and without subjectivity. This is not just an indicator, it covers every aspect of your trading. Go beyond what you thought was possible. Click the image for a demo video to see our supply and demand zone indicators in action.

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Supply and Demand Zones & Indicators

Have you ever wanted to pre-define your trade setups? Using the PFA Zoning you can do just that. We have designed a unique algorithm to calculate where the true Order Flow (Buy and Sell Orders) resides and plot it on your chart automatically with multiple time frame functionality. See zones from the large time frame, and trade from the smaller time frame all from one chart! This helps in many ways including preparation, exact entry/stop/target points, and gives you extremely visual aspects that are reoccurring which increases consistency. The PFA Zoning can be used on any market and any time frame simultaneously. We have defined our methodology to remove subjectivity within your trading by very easy to follow tactics like color changes and opacity. This has many benefits to your trading whether you day, swing, position, or long term trade even beyond exact entry/stop/target points. With our custom design you have the ability to know when to enter and when to stay out of the market. Each trade setup is calculated, then put thru an extensive set of algorithms to determine only the highest probability trades while disregarding all others. This generates more profitable trades without all of the decision making. Our algorithms can be incorporated into any trading method and not only help you determine when to get into a market, but also when to stay out!



As you know the markets can move up, down, and sideways. If you don't have a complete methodology that gives you opportunities in all market conditions, you may sit out of trading more than you like and potentially lose a lot of your capital. With PFA Zoning you can trade all market conditions up, down, and sideways consistently.

Supply and Demand is an economic model of price determination in a market. It concludes that in a competitive market, price will function to equalize the quantity demanded by consumers, and the quantity supplied by producers, resulting in an economic equilibrium of price and quantity. This refers to areas in which an extreme imbalance in price occurred. This imbalance has taken place due to the extreme off set of equilibrium as displayed below. Our custom software defines these areas and gives exact calculations.


sideways market


As seen above our software can be used in a sideways market on a small and large time frame. However depending on your trading preferences, you may choose to only trend with the market on a larger time frame. This is a very high probability method of trading. Displayed below you can see how using the zoning on a larger time frame will pick out the best areas for trading opportunities.


long term


Others may enjoy trading the small time frames and taking very short term trades. Below you will see a small time frame in which the PFA Zoning continues to display the highest probability areas for trade setups and calculate the exact area for entry, stop and target.


trend following trading


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